11th International Conference on Multimodality: Designing Futures

Save the date for ICOM-11 London, UCL Institute of Education

27-29 September 2023, one day online (27), two days of face-to-face presentations and seminars (28-29).

We will be delighted to see you in London on the 28th and 29th September 2023 for face-to-face keynotes and paper presentations and workshops.

The onsite conference will be preceded by ICOM 11 Online Symposium on the 27th of September. This will comprise keynotes and panels with an additional focus on mapping  global and local futures. The online symposium is a preamble to the onsite conference and it is a global networking event open to all. The call for papers is due to open shortly. 

This conference aims to contribute knowledge about how scholars from all multimodal traditions engage with and respond to key developments and challenges of the world today (pandemic, crisis, migration, social movements, technological advances, inequalities, climate change etc.). We seek to respond to the world as it has been and is today aiming to design social futures.

More details will be released shortly through the official conference website.
Please watch this space as well as the Facebook group for the UCL Visual and Multimodal Research Forum.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Chair: Sophia Diamantopoulou

Team members: Henrika Florén, Jiawei Ding, Karen Choi, Ned Barker

Treasurer: Professor Jeff Bezemer

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