Multimodal approaches to research in applied linguistics: Insights into the MA student research experience

forum-pictureConversing with current agendas in applied linguistics, three MA students from the UCL MA in Applied Linguistics present their work in progress and raise issues linked to the application of a multimodal interpretative framework. Working across a range of topics and diverse international contexts, their research employs multimodality as a key perspective for shaping their research focus.  The discussion will evolve around the analysis of a wide range of data, such as public health promotion videos, language textbooks and observational data from family literacy practices. This interactive session will particularly focus on data analysis and the creation of multimodal transcripts.

About the speakers

Jiawei Ding uses multimodal conversation analysis to explore the realisation of family language policy in Chinese heritage language storytelling. She has a BA in Business English from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Qian Tan attends to designs for learning in educational textbooks for teaching Chinese characters. She has a BA in English Language and Literature from South China Normal University. Her interests include multimodal and social semiotic approaches to intercultural communication.

Hou Yee (Louisa) Tsi analyses health promotional videos of anti-smoking campaigns in Hong Kong and is interested in multimodal discourse analysis. She studied Language in Communication for her BA at the University of Hong Kong.



The Visual and Multimodal Research Forum is a platform for academic discussion on multimodality.  The Forum is one of the activities of the UCL Centre for Multimodal Research and is coordinated by Sophia Diamantopoulou. It is free and open to all postgraduate research students and to researchers from both UCL and other universities. For enquiries, please contact


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