Multimodal Text Production on Communication Apps within and beyond the classroom in Norway

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FRIDAY 10 July 2020

13:00- 14:30 GMT+1          Online session via Microsoft Teams

How do students use the multimodal resources of digital platforms to communicate within and beyond learning sites?

In this talk Marie Fasting from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology explores how multimodal skills learned outside the classroom are utilised as a resource for the learner. Her project focuses on two different learning sites in Norway: a Norwegian language class at a learning center for adult immigrants with little or no prior school experience and an upper secondary school science and technology class, consisting of students of a high academic level.

Students communicate on a wide range of different digital platforms, producing multimodal texts consisting of photographs, films, sound, graphic elements and verbal text.  This study focuses on student-produced multimodal texts addressing two key questions: How are these texts constructed on the communication apps Snapchat and WhatsApp outside of school, and how they are produced within school projects? What possibilities and difficulties arise from the integration of these vernacular competences into learning settings?

The session will discuss the analysis of the multimodal texts in the light of additional empirical data from this project comprising classroom observations and interviews with the two student groups

About the speaker

Marie M. Famia fastingsting is a PhD candidate in Media Education at the department of Education and Lifelong Learning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).




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About the Forum

The Visual and Multimodal Forum is one of the outreach and teaching activities of the UCL Centre for Multimodal Research. It a hub for researchers across the world who are interested in multimodality. It aims to provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration for advancing visual and multimodal research across disciplines, with a particular emphasis on communication and learning.


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