Multimodality Talks Series: Implications of Multimodal Theories on Research Design: Researching Wine Labels

Day:  11 March 2022

Time: 2.00-3.30 PM GMT

Place: online

Speaker: Frank Serafini, Arizona State University, USA

To read the abstract and attend the talk, register here:

Link to the recording:

This seminar will focus on exploring the connections among theoretical orientations and research designs using several research studies on the semiotic resources and ideological contexts of wine labels as examples. Drawing upon social semiotics, art criticism, visual culture, marketing theories, and design studies, Frank will share some implications of aligning various of theoretical orientations across a range of multimodal research designs. This seminar will explore the potential for researching wine labels across perceptual, semiotic, and ideological frameworks and how researchers can employ various analytical frameworks for understanding multimodal phenomena across various sites of analysis.

Frank is currently a Professor of Literacy Education and Children’s Literature in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. Frank has published eleven professional development textbooks with Heinemann, Scholastic, and Teachers College Press. His newest book entitled Beyond the Visual: An Introduction to Researching Multimodal Phenomena will be available in early 2022 from Teachers College Press.

Frank has garnered numerous awards for his teaching and research including the Distinguished Professor of Children’s Literature from the International Literacy Association and the Distinguished Educator Award from the International Visual Literacy Association. Frank’s current research projects include materiality and interactivity in movable picturebooks, the semiotic resources of wine labels, young children’s multimodal compositions, and the roles of monsters in children’s literature.

Please note that this talk will be held at different timeslot from our usual meeting, 2-3.30 pm (GMT) due to the time difference.

You’ll receive the link to join the meeting upon registration.


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