Multimodality Talks Series: The affordance of affordance in multimodality

Title: The affordance of affordance in multimodality

Date: 13 May 2022

Time: 2-3.30 PM London (BST)

Place: online via Zoom

Speaker: Professor Jeff Bezemer, UCL Institute of Education, UK

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About this event:

In this talk, Professor Bezemer will present a critical review of the notion of affordance and explore its origins, uptake, transformation and application in the field of multimodality. Multimodalists have widely adopted the term to refer to “potentials and limitations of specific modes”, while taking its analytical merits for granted. Jeff asks, exactly what functions does affordance serve in accounts of multimodal communication? How does it advance- or hinder- multimodal analysis?


Jeff Bezemer is a Professor of Communication, Head of the Department of Culture, Communication and Media and Vice-Dean (Health) at the UCL Institute of Education. His research focuses on clinical communication and education and health care delivery. He has worked on projects about teamwork and inter-professional communication, surgical education, and clinical decision making in the operating theatre and intensive care unit.


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