[Multimodality Talks Series] Integrating multimodal and digital literacies in language education

Date:  11 November 2022

Time: 12.00 -1.30 pm GMT

Place: online via Zoom

Speaker: Professor Bessie Mitsikopoulou, Department of English Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

To attend the talk please register here: 

To watch the recorded talk, please see here



Drawing on research presented in my recent book Digital Media in Foreign Language Education (Pedio Publishers, 2022), in this talk I will address the basic but fundamental question: “what does it mean to integrate multimodal and digital literacies in language education for both learners and educators?” Given the new communicative context and forms of representation which are multimodal, interactive, hypertextual and plurilingual, attempts are made by both language theorists and policy makers to extend the scope of language education beyond traditional conceptions of reading and writing and to redefine the notion of communicative competence. I will approach the critical question posed in this talk from three distinct perspectives: theory, policy and classroom practices. The complex web of interrelated practices will be discussed with reference to new theoretical and pedagogical models, language policies and policy documents, European frameworks, curricula and methodologies (e.g. for the explicit teaching of digital multimodal genres). The development of educators’ pedagogical digital competence will also be discussed.


Bessie Mitsikopoulou is Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Director of the Centre of Self-Access Learning and Materials Development. Her research interests are in the areas of critical discourse analysis, foreign language education, digital literacies and media. Over the last ten years she has been coordinator for English and foreign languages in large-scale projects of the Greek Ministry of Education including the Digital School Projects I and II; the AESOP (Advanced Electronic Scenarios Operating Platform) project; and the Advanced ICT Teacher Training Project. Since 2016 she has also coordinated five projects in the area of adult refugee language education. Personal website: http://scholar.uoa.gr/mbessie/home


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