Augmented reading: Using technology to enhance student’s experience with literature

Start: Nov 28,   2018 17:00 PM
End:  Nov 28,   2018 18:30 PM

Location: Room 803

UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL

This seminar presents the pedagogical approaches and digital tools developed for the teaching of literature within the EU Erasmus+ project The Living Book-Augmenting Reading For Life. Drawing from their engagement with this project, Dr Charalambous and Ms Anastasi, of the European University of Cyprus, further introduce a newly designed PhD project aiming to explore the application of these tools in primary schools in Cyprus.

Addressing the under-achievement of European students in reading and aiming to enhance their reading experience and related competences, the ‘Living Book’ project delivered innovative approaches that promote the use of technological tools. Dr Charalambous and Ms Anastasi present examples of digital applications and attend to the range of multimodal teaching approaches that participants in the project developed in order to enhance the reading experience of children.

Focusing on this emergent form of multimodal reading practice, the presenters discuss the pedagogical practices of ‘virtual augmentation’ and ‘augmented reading’ and outline their methodological and interpretative framework for their study of literature teaching in the Cypriot context. Adopting New Literacy Studies and Multiliteracies perspectives, they present their ethnographic approach for exploring students’ multimodal interaction with literary texts, taking into account the affordances and limitations of such tools in terms of engaging students.

About the speakers

Dr Constadina Charalambous, is Assistant Professor in Language Education & Literacy, European University Cyprus. Working in the field of sociolinguistics and linguistic ethnography she researches bilingualism, language policy and the role of language learning in peace education. Panagiota Anastasi is a PhD Candidate in the same department working on Living Book project.



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