MULTIMODALITY TALKS Series Autumn 2022-Spring 2023

Sophia Diamantopoulou (UCL Institute of Education), Elisabetta Adami (University of Leeds School of Languages, Cultures and Societies), Eva Insulander and Eva Svärdemo Åberg (Stockholm University, Dept. of Education) are pleased to invite you to a series of jointly organized talks on multimodality.

MULTIMODALITY TALKS Series is a joint initiative for researchers across the world who are interested in multimodality. It aims to provide a platform for dialogue for advancing multimodal research across disciplines. Multimodality draws attention to how meaning is made through the combined use of semiotic resources such as gesture, speech, face expression, body movement and proxemics, (still and moving) image, objects, sound and music, writing, colour, layout, and the built environment.

If you would like to present your work at our series, please send a title, abstract and short biosketch to: and 

The seminars will be running 12.00-13.30 GMT – 13.00-14:30 CET online on Zoom. Kindly use the registration link to register and attend the talk.
In this programme, you can find links to recordings of previous talks if the speaker has agreed for the talk to be recorded.

Semester 2:

  • 3rd February 2023      
    Dr. Michele Zappavigna, University of New South Wales, Australia
    Picture characters and paralanguage: Modelling emoji-text relations in social media discourse
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 17th February 2023         
    Dr. Pei Soo Ang, University Malaya, Malaysia 
    Advocating for inclusivity of people with disabilities through visual communication
    To attend the talk, please register here 
  • 3rd March 2023           
    Prof. Adam Jaworski, University of Hong Kong
    Sculptural Place Names: Between Elitism and Egalitarianism in Gentrified Urban Spaces
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 17th March 2023    
    Fariha Salman
    Title: to be announced
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 31th March 2023         
    Dr. Sara van Meerbergen, Stockholm University, Sweden
    Translation Studies meets Social Semiotics. Recontextualization of images and changing multimodal depictions of agency, gender and diversity in translated picture books and media for children.
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 21th April 2023            
    Prof. Louise Ravelli, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
    Museums and Communication in the 21st Century
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 5th May 2023              
    Dr. William Feng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
    Tradition, modernity, and Chinese masculinity: The multimodal construction of ideal manhood in a reality dating show
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 19th May 2023            
    Dr Lauran Doak, Nottingham Trent University, UK
    Rethinking play and ‘play deficits’ in autism through multimodal analysis of playground video data.
    To attend the talk, please register here
  • 2nd June 2023            
    Prof. Arlene Archer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
    A multimodal approach to English for academic purposes in contexts of diversity

    To attend the talk, please register here

First Semester:

  • 9th December 2022  
    Dr. Sumin Zhao & Chris Cummins, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Arguing with numbers in digital multimodal dialogue
    To attend the talk, please register here 

MULTIMODALITY TALKS Series is organised by The UCL Visual and Multimodal Research Forum, the University of Leeds Multimodality@Leeds and Insulander/Svärdemo Åberg at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. It is conceived of working as a tandem with the Bremen-Groningen Online Workshops on Multimodality to make the best of the online format to offer multiple chances for sharing research and stimulating discussions on multimodality worldwide.


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