The Multimodality of Contextology, Double Consciousness and Holotechnica


Cover image by Ezra Salehi ‘A break in time’

Online lecture via Zoom

Thursday 17th of December, 12:30-14:00 UK


The link to the Zoom meeting is generated upon registration.

In this talk Dr Carl Hayden Smith from Ravensbourne University London explores the relationship between multimodality and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He brings into the discussion Contextology, Double Consciousness and Holotechica to establish to what extend these domains can help us evolve or critique the field of multimodality. Dr Smith presents his understanding of multimodality and discusses whether the use of multimodality actually reduces the activation of the imagination and therefore co-creativity?

Contextology is the study of context or the science of ‘Context Engineering’ (CE). CE focuses less on engineering content and instead attempts to manipulate and create context directly. This is achieved where we are enabled (via CE tools) to reconfigure our own perception and cognitive abilities directly. We can now adopt radically different visual or auditory systems or spend time out of body (through body swapping or gender swapping) to achieve novel cognitive and creative insights. CE gives us new abilities, control over our senses and the corresponding ability to develop new forms of perception, providing us with a new type of self and societal exploration.

Double Consciousness: 
Double Consciousness (DC) is a framework which is being developed through a number of emerging application areas, including: i) Living in Virtual Reality, ii) Dream Hacking and iii) DMTx Technology. What are the opportunities that these application areas offer? What are the corresponding challenges? Can adopting these forms of DC help us to see ourselves from other perspectives? How will DC technology change the experience of reality for individuals, for groups and for society? What are the ethics of these DC technologies? What are the limits of DC and how can a literacy of Pluralism help?

Holotechnica = i) Holo from the Greek ‘to combine into the whole’ and ii) Technica (technique): to combine techniques in order to create the desired experience stack. How can we combine different techniques (ingredients) into experience stacks in order to create reliable protocols for perceptual augmentation?  How will these ingredients affect each other in the stack, what new qualia will these synergies create?

Dr Smith explores how we use both the technological and biological means to alter, probe and study the spectral nature of consciousness.


Carl Hayden Smith is Principal Research Fellow  at Ravensbourne University London and Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre (LTRC). He has over 20 years’ experience conducting research and development into the application of hybrid technologies for perceptual and cognitive transformation. Bringing in over £10 million in research funding his projects include: Wearable Experience (WEKIT-ECS), AR4EU (Code Reality), Hyperhumanism, Contextology (Context Engineering), Double Consciousness, Holotechnica.Academy, Technomancy.Club, Umwelt Hacking, Natural Media, Seeing I and Seventh Ray.

To watch the recorded talk, see here:


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